Upcoming Support Meetings

Share Parents of Cache Valley/Box Elder/ Preston

November Support Meeting

Thursday, November 13th, 2014 7:00 p.m.

Handling the Holidays

Logan Regional Hospital Classroom #3

There are so many times during the holiday that while experiencing grief, you may not know how to navigate the many facets of the season. So many questions, activities, and emotions. This was going to be the time of showing off a beautiful baby to all! Instead you‘re left with empty arms and a sad heart, during moment of great celebration.

Come let the members of the Share Parents board share with you the ways that they have found to make it through the Holidays. We will show you ways of empowerment, traditions, memories and most of all a way to find joy, even when none seems possible.


We normally meet the 2nd Thursday of the Month at Logan Regional Hospital in one of the classrooms at 7:00 pm. Some events are located elsewhere. Check details above for the next event location.

All grieving Parents and invited to come!

Upcoming Meetings

November 13 — Handling the Holidays

December 14 — Annual Candle Lighting

January 8 — Support Meeting TBA

February 12 — Support Meeting TBA