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Share Parents of Cache Valley/Box Elder/ Preston

March Support Meeting

Thursday, March 14th, 7:00 p.m.

Logan Regional Hospital Classroom #7 

 The Labels That Don’t Define Us:

How to feel successful and valued through battles of depression and grief.

We tend to place labels on what defines our worth and purpose. These labels could be self-perceived or even come at us through ideas we have of how others see us. Needless to say, these labels become even more critical and damaging when working through depression and grief. With time, self-care, and compassion, hopefully we can dust off these unrealistic expectations and put ourselves on a healthy path of healing.



We normally meet the 2nd Thursday of the Month at Logan Regional Hospital Classroom #7 at 7:00 pm. Some events are located elsewhere. Check details above for the next event location.

All grieving Parents and invited to come!

Upcoming Meetings

Mar. 14th — The Labels That Don’t Define Us

April 11th — TBD

May 9th — Mother’s Tea

June 13th — TBD