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Share Parents of Cache Valley/Box Elder/Preston

March Support Meeting


Thursday March 8th, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Logan Regional Hospital Classroom #7

“Start each paper with the breathing’s of your heart.” -William Wadsworth

Journaling, especially grief journaling is a great way to release bottled up emotions, it allows our brains to slow down and process our emotions and feelings, and helps sort out all the many feelings we have during the journey of bereavement. Keeping a journal can be therapeutic and helpful to parents, but also children, friends, and family. The art of letting our words and feelings out can bring peace and healing in many different ways. The way you journal is personal and never right or wrong. During our support meeting we want to share different ways journaling has helped us heal during the difficult days of grief and loss. This months meeting will be filled with examples, prompts, and discussion.

Mariam Black & Lacie Robinson


We normally meet the 2nd Thursday of the Month at Logan Regional Hospital in one of the classrooms at 7:00 pm. Some events are located elsewhere. Check details above for the next event location.
All grieving Parents are invited to come!


Upcoming Meetings

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