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October Support Meeting

The Elephant in the Room

 Thursday, October 8, 2015
7:00 p.m.
 Logan Regional Hospital: Classroom 5
(This is a different classroom than usual. 2nd floor between hospital and Budge Clinic.)
We have all heard the poem, The Elephant in the Room. As parent who have lost a baby, we often feel as though this poem fits right into our lives. Many of our family and friends are aware of our grief but many don’t want to bring it up or even ask you about it.

We normally meet the 2nd Thursday of the Month at Logan Regional Hospital in one of the classrooms at 7:00 pm. Some events are located elsewhere. Check details above for the next event location.

All grieving Parents are invited to come!

Upcoming Meetings


October 8 — Elephant in the Room

November 12 — Shani Jensen

December 13 — Annual Candle Lighting